About walbern

About Walbern

Walbern develops urban residential, commercial and retail real estate projects in all major metropolitan areas of the US and Canada. Based in Southern California, Walbern Developments is led by Bernie Walsh who has built and sold more than $1.4 billion in residential projects since 1977.

Walbern Developments Projects

  • Infill high-density residential
  • Infill high-density mixed-use
  • Single tenant and multi-tenant retail
  • Single tenant and multi-tenant commercial
  • Industrial buildings
  • Build-to-suit
  • Single family residential
  • Vacant land entitlement for residential tract

Our projects are financed by high net-worth partners and investors through private equity placement. Walbern Developments works closely with local governments to effectively execute each development plan, guiding projects through the entire entitlement process.

Walbern Developments Strategy

  • Acquire vacant land parcels for:
    • Development
    • Building income-producing properties
  • Acquire, entitle and develop:
    • Vacant land for multi-family properties
    • Retail properties
  • Acquire and redevelop value-added properties:
    • Located in major metropolitan areas
    • With strategic residential and retail portfolios

Walbern Mission

Work in concert with local governments to develop quality residential and commercial properties that add value to both the asset and the city in order to benefit an entire community.